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Students no younger 14 years of age are accepted. Study programs can be chosen according to current educational attainment. Programs are 2 to 3 years long. Secondary education is provided during the program.

Students with secondary education can choose further training program lasting from 1 to 2 years for their acquired profession.

There are no entrance exams for those who wish to study in our school. Information on admission and employment opportunities are provided in the information centre of our school. Education in Kaunas Information Technology School is free. Scholarship is included.

You can choose one of the following specialities in Kaunas Information Technology School:

  1. Secretaries
  2. Computer and office equipment operators with specializations:
  • Cinema mechanics
  • Photographers
  1. Multimedia specialists (module program)
  2. Adjusters of mobile electronics
  3. Adjusters of computer networks (module program)
  4. Accountant – cashiers
  5. Managers of banking operations

Our school focuses on helping young people enter easily into the labour market and develop occupational skills. KITM pays attention to basic needs of our region and changes of the infrastructure.

Since 2014 the school has offered two new module programs and in 2015 the school is planning to offer a new website application programmer speciality. After finishing the program the students will acquire a young programmer qualification.

Every year about 500 hundred students study at our school the age range is from 14 to 30 years old.

The school actively participates in national and international educational projects, communicates with other vocational schools in this country and abroad.


The students will manage to use technical devices; type in both Lithuanian and foreign languages fluently using the right software; write, register documents appropriately according to Lithuanian and European legal standards; organize meetings, seminars, conferences and receptions.

Computer and office equipment operators

The students will manage to use hardware and software, control computer data processing, be in charge of troubleshooting, the solution of technical problems, create and maintain databases, web pages and web applications for websites, plan and test computer programs.

Multimedia specialists.

The students will manage to integrate, create and edit different media: text, graphics, sound, video and animation.

Adjusters of mobile electronics

The students will manage the software and hardware of mobile electronics like mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other digital devices.

Adjusters of computer networks

The students will manage to install, maintain, configure and develop computer networks.

Accountant – cashiers

The students will manage to record transactions and financial information, a company’s financial plans, to form accounting information system, to fill in accounting registers, to apply Lithuanian accounting documents and laws, to organize a company’s financial records, balance sheets.

Managers of banking operations

The students will manage to oversee day-to-day banking operations such as opening and closing customer accounts, performing financial transactions, possess knowledge of the requirements of international and national banking operations, laws and regulations.

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